With over 10 years experience as a formally trained graphic designer, Craig Gillam specialises in branding and user experience for start-ups and companies looking to grow.

Together with a team of highly skilled professionals; Craig designs and implement memorable brands and delightful user experiences.


"Design is communication, whether its written or visual, digital or physical; it’s about engaging your audience. Great design is an equation of human behaviour, storytelling, strategic problem solving and thought provoking visuals.

The problem can be complex, but the solution must be simple. A great experience leaves a lasting impression.

This is how I design brands and products that succeed."

If you'd like to discuss a potential project or find out more please contact: (07) 5660 6555 or via email





CG is a small but mighty, full-service design studio based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I specialise in branding and user experience, and can bring together a highly skilled team for any creative project. 

Our difference is strategy first. It's the thinking behind the beautiful visuals that makes our work... work.



Branding isn't an image or a slogan, it's the perception people have of your company. A good brand curates a story that resonates with your customers and appeals to their dreams, rather than the features of your product. Everyone has a story, let us find, build and communicate yours.


Like a good picture book, a story is best accompanied by beautiful visuals. Make a memorable brand impression with not just a logo, but an identity system and language that your customers will love, engage with and share amongst peers. Building brand recognition is my jam!


Delight and empower your customers with an experience that is so great it nearly goes unnoticed. Whether it's an app, website or any digital interaction; make it simple and exciting.


Creative direction is the living and breathing extension of your brand. We can help you plan and execute a one-off project or an on-going strategic campaign. From photoshoots to moon shots, videography, signage, way-finding or art pieces and anything outlandish or guerilla.


The digital space is always evolving, and it pays to be at the forefront. We create engaging digital campaigns with imagination and cut-through, and place them right amongst potential customers.


The tactile impression of print never grows old and is so powerful when done correctly. From beautiful textures and interesting folds to typography that lifts off the paper. There's nothing like it!


Logo's are the key to your brand. They're iconic and hold your brand story wihtin a simple graphic or word. We build memorable logos that remind customers why they love you. They're always simple but it's the complex thinking behind them that makes a good one perfect.


Words are words right? Not quite. Have you ever read an average book? Design is beautiful, but without crafted copy it lays flat. Brand language, or tone of voice, is an integral part of your identity and sounding human is too. Let your brand speak up and stand out!







"I've loved working with Craig on our Affinity project. He is one of those unicorn designers who can both make it beautiful and incredibly functional. He thinks deeply about everything he does and analyses things from all the angles you want him to.  

He's also awesome to work with. He is smart, flexible and a good listener, but he's not a push over. If he thinks something could be better, he'll tell you. Which is exactly what you want when you're trying to get the best result. 

I've recommended Craig to many people and I'm always being thanked for the recommendation."

— Jay Stockwell, Co-Founder of Affinity


Coach herring was the first one to see in me what I saw in myself — Michael Jordan

"This quote comes to mind for me when I think about the relationship between Craig Gillam and my brand Kensho.

His passion for brand development drives him to understand the philosophy & ultimate direction behind the potential brand.

Craig’s intuitive strength has not only aligned me with my brand but provided me with the belief to carry out my company goals.

To compliment his professionalism and integrity Craig has produced something for me that I feel is truly authentic, a mark of someone that bleeds ‘design.’

The outcome is work that inspires creativity and furthers the belief in audacious goals."

— Brendan Murray, Founder & Coach at Kensho


"Craig was great to work with. He really understood what I wanted to convey with this branding piece and worked hard to get it just right. Not only is he skilled at his profession, but he is also a lovely person to work with. I've enjoyed collaborating with him on a few jobs since this brand was developed and look forward to working with him again in the future."

— Dr. K Henderson, Director of A Dose of Awesomeness




Frequent Questions



Branding is the process of communicating your brand to maintain or improve your brand perception. Good brands tell stories both visually and vocally and are a reflection of what the customer will receive. It's not about pushing your product features, though they help, it's about selling people their dreams and desires.


Generally speaking, user experience is the experience a user has with your digital product, whether that be an app, website or online touchpoint. It also goes hand-in-hand with user interface (UI) which is the visual look and feel of your product. A great user experience is often referred to as being invisible. You do what you need to without noticing any issues or hurdles. This is what I strive for. The thinking can be complex, but the solution is simple, exciting and easy to use.


Each project is unique, and therefore that's a hard question to answer. I pride myself in creating value beyond my service and a great return on investment for my clients. I aim to be affordable, though I leave the cheap and nasty for the public job boards. I encourage you to get in contact to find out more. I'd be happy to chat about the design problems you're aiming to solve and the services I can provide.


I complete a majority of the projects myself, however at times I call on good friends who are professionals in their field. Whether it's myself or a small team, you will always know who's working on your project and have complete peace of mind that you're in good hands.


My studio is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I enjoy the laid-back lifestyle while getting to work with clients from around the globe. While I'm happy to travel, most project communication can be done from each others office, with everyday software.


Sure... while I mainly focus on complete brand and user experience projects; I am open to working on selected parts of the process like logo design for instance. I'm also happy to collaborate on different areas, as part of a bigger team.


I appreciate it's hard to find good help sometimes, therefore I like to offer my time when it's available. I'm a small operation and suit smaller non-profit organisations looking to help a broader audience. I'm best at building or redesigning brands and digital experiences for small to medium size companies. Please send me an email if this sounds like you.


Please contact me with any further questions. I'd be more than happy to answer them and have a chat.



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