Hi, I'm Craig. I work with changemakers to develop brands and digital products that make the world a better place.


A little more…

I stand for change.

For over 10 years I’ve helped exciting brands from around the globe to connect with like-minded humans.

I’m passionate in helping companies make a positive impact in the world through thought-provoking strategy and design.

Current Projects:


A one-man army specialising in brand development, customer experience and digital design. I can bring together a highly skilled team for any creative project. 

The difference is always strategy first. It's the design thinking that makes my work — work.



I’ve loved working with Craig on our Affinity project. He is one of those unicorn designers who can both make it beautiful and incredibly functional. He thinks deeply about everything he does and analyses things from all the angles you want him to.

He’s also awesome to work with. He is smart, flexible and a good listener, but he’s not a push over. If he thinks something could be better, he’ll tell you. Which is exactly what you want when you’re trying to get the best result.

I’ve recommended Craig to many people and I’m always being thanked for the recommendation.
— Jay Stockwell, Co-Founder of Affinity
Coach herring was the first one to see in me what I saw in myself — Michael Jordan

This quote comes to mind for me when I think about the relationship between Craig Gillam and my brand Kensho. His passion for brand development drives him to understand the philosophy & ultimate direction behind the potential brand.

Craig’s intuitive strength has not only aligned me with my brand but provided me with the belief to carry out my company goals. To compliment his professionalism and integrity Craig has produced something for me that I feel is truly authentic, a mark of someone that bleeds ‘design.’

The outcome is work that inspires creativity and furthers the belief in audacious goals.
— Brendan Murray, Founder & Coach at Kensho
Craig was great to work with. He really understood what I wanted to convey with this branding piece and worked hard to get it just right. Not only is he skilled at his profession, but he is also a lovely person to work with. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with him on a few jobs since this brand was developed and look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Dr. K Henderson, Director of A Dose of Awesomeness


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